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Jerk Dolls: Free Browser Sex Simulator Game

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Ever wondered where all of the hot online games are? Well, luckily for you, you've found one of the best around in this niche! I'm on the development team here at Jerk Dolls and it's an absolute privilege to welcome you to our website. First opening our doors in July of 2020, Jerk Dolls is a premiere hub of gaming bliss for those that want complete customization and control over a sex simulator experience. We initially started programming this release in March of 2016, so plenty of love has gone into this project to get it to the point where we find it today. I'm confident going forward that we'll continue to be the go-to name in this niche and boy, are you in for a surprise if you haven't seen what we're capable of! The central aspect and element of Jerk Dolls is giving you everything that you want – nothing less. This means that you're put in the driving seat so that all of your kinky desires, wishes and wants are accommodated for. It's not the easiest thing in the world to guarantee, but we think we've nailed it and yeah – that's good news for you if you're a porn gaming enthusiast that wants to have a great time! Interested in learning more about our little project and what the benefits are of coming on board? Read below: I'll give you the full juicy details!

World-class gaming fun

The central selling point that we will continue to talk about here on Jerk Dolls is the simple fact that if you want to access great gaming entertainment, it's really easy to do so through our release. You get an insane level of customization and control over what happens – this puts the fun in your hands and allows you to get the game of your dreams all at a moment's notice. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of our game is the level of detail we've put into character customization. When it comes to your own sprite, you'll be able to control dozens of different things, such as shoulder width, height, nose width, skin color, tattoos, hair color and so on. The customization gets even crazier when you start fiddling with the girls you can fuck. See, Jerk Dolls come with so many customization choices that you'll probably get bored of fine tuning everything – it's insane how many options you get! We're talking about different toe types, nail polish color, 15 different nipple configurations and the ability to pick the shade of butthole that your doll is going to have. Additionally, there are multiple personality features, as well as voice packs, that will have you shooting thick ropes in no time at all. Suffice to say that if you're someone that's passionate about building the perfect broad, this is a game that'll blow your mind.

An active modding community

If you check out our official forums, you'll realize that a lot of action occurs in the modding section – this is because we have a lot of fans of Jerk Dolls who have customized their game and characters in ways that you might be appreciative of. Some good examples of what you'll find inside are celebrity sprites you can load in alongside pornstars! Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck Megan Rain, Lucy Doll, Dakota Skye, Kim Kardashian and other world-class beauties? Well, with over 150 threads devoted to different babes, you can import and try them all out whenever you want! The modding experts have also taken it upon themselves to add new background locations, positional choices and so on. We like to think that the game is a community effort, and while we do have almost all control over what's going on, don't discount the fact that a decent chunk of our success can be given to the people editing our game and making it their own. Loading mods into the game is incredibly simply, so if you want to try it for yourself, go right ahead!

Full browser compatibility

One of the most important things for us is ensuring that anyone who wants to play Jerk Dolls can actually do so. This means that we're giving you free access to our project and, on top of that, the ability to play this game straight from your browser. Look: no one is too happy with the idea of downloading a porn .exe, so we figured that it was probably a good idea to just let people load up this porn game through their browser. It might have been a tough pill to swallow at first, but the results speak for themselves. Besides, this method of access also meant that it was really convenient for us to port the title over into a mobile-friendly option. Since it runs through Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, as long as you have one of those installed, you'll be in safe hands and have zero issues navigating around the game and playing until your heart – or your cock – is content. This also means that you can play Jerk Dolls on a tablet if you want to: the choice really is totally yours regarding your medium of access!

More plans out in front

This really is just the tip of the iceberg for what we have to offer, plus if things go the way they are currently, we're going to start dipping our toes into some next-generation stuff that you won't find anywhere else online. It's scary the advances we've made, especially when it comes to fully integrated sexual simulations. Jerk Dolls is just the beginning, and we'd be honored to have you on board sooner rather than later. So, how about you stop messing around and wasting your time: sign up to Jerk Dolls now and you'll realize that we're ready to shatter your idea of what a good porn game is!

Jerk Dolls is a free to play sex simulator title that you can access directly through your browser. Sign up in less than 60 seconds and start playing today.

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